Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Atmos (RX) Junior Vaporizer Pen Now Available at The VapeLife Store

Well hello again VapeLifers!

In this video we will show you the new Atmos Junior, little brother to the Atmos Raw/RX.

Basically you are getting the same thing as the RX only smaller and more compact. The Junior's come in many different colors and work excellent with all kinds of different materials including waxy oils, bubble and straight up dry herb for smoking.

Although we are not big on the smoking portion around here we can see how some people just don't have the option to Vape all the time.

We sell the Atmos Junior at The VapeLife Store so go ahead and click the link on the top left of your screen and head over to the VLS and pick up on one these new handy discreet Vaporizers. You'll be glad you did.

VapeLife Out.